Wednesday nights

Wednesday evenings are typically feted with a small drink.  This evening I shook myself a cosmopolitan.

Cosmos make my daily chore of cleaning the cat’s litter box slightly less disturbing.  The box is kept in the laundry room.

Our elderly cat has been ill and sore from her arthritis, and has recently relieved herself just outside of the catbox opening.  This evening she had walked into the laundry room and after some moments out again.  This reminded me of the undone chore, and as I walked into the laundry room I remarked, Did she use the box?

My husband, sitting several feet away, replied, No, I did it.

I was doubled over with mirth, no doubt handicapped by the effects of the cosmo.

It seems the distance coupled with the ambient noise from the television made him believe I had asked, Do I need to clean the box?


4 responses

  1. Awww poor “Z” better have another cosmo tonight for good measure… sounds like today was hellish too.

  2. The day was pretty harsh, but manageable. Thank goodness for a couple of great colleagues who bring good energy to even the worst of days!

  3. Thanks, Meraj! I was laughing so hard when my husband said that, I had tears in my eyes!

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