Edgy Heart

There are days when one’s heart aches.  Such as yesterday, such as today.  While the path ahead was filled with merry, dancing figures, as one approaches it is discovered that these are merely illusions – leaves falling, shimmering in icy winter sunlight.  And as that dawning descends, silence slowly becomes crushing.

I don’t know precisely when it happened, but I took a wrong turn.  I awakened to discover the mistake, and now it seems more practical to remain on this road than backtrack because some of the alternate routes no longer exist.  It is, in short, true that one can never go home again.  Not that I particularly want to go home.  What is home, anyway?


3 responses

  1. u seem to be joniing, arent you? nice…

  2. Good point, Meraj. Possibly! And I like your new verb joniing :). I must find a way to add this to my own repertoire.

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