The Potential Person

The Grammy Awards are being broadcast this evening, right in my living room.  To escape the caterwauling, I’ve retreated to my home office where I can google in peace.

After looking at a how-to site on insulating an attic, scoping out comfortable shoes that are not ugly, looking at porn, and visiting the odd blog or two,  I decided to follow up on a conversation I had with an acquaintance the other day.  On her behalf, I undertook a quest, and in doing so I remembered something I had found interesting when as a very young child I was first introduced to Aristotlian philosophy: our purpose is to discover our potential, and (I paraphrase and interpret a bit) our pain is a result of acting in ways that are converse to our nature;  we become whole only when we have reached our potential.

Is it possible to reach our potential?

I wonder.


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