Product Requirements v1.0.857

Scope creep can ruin my day.  But this latest didn’t creep – it sprinted.

A perfectly good enough product was tested, bug-free and ready to deploy (before its due date!) when a colleague surreptitiously asked a question that needn’t have been asked of an impetuous but powerful person who needn’t have been approached, and precipitated a redesign not requested by the customer.

Suddenly he removed the cornerstone and the foundation began to crumble.

As a consequence, a set of the application has been disassembled by a contractor who was not involved in the original project, and the product no longer functions.  The original coder could not sleep over the weekend, as he (justifiably, it now appears) worried that the contractor would break the product, and so this coder has now made himself physically ill with worry.

In the meantime the customer is wondering what the heck happened to the product, and my managers and I are in crisis management mode trying to salvage what we can.  I am discouraged, as I anticipate the unfortunate result will be a sub-par product, introduced late,  that will function only with the help of constant application support.

And to what end did the colleague open Pandora’s box?  It’s clear this was to receive praise and recognition for himself, but it will be won at the cost of good teamwork.


3 responses

  1. these ‘Techie’ posts of yours leave me flummoxed!

  2. Sadly, me too.

  3. am not surprised 🙂

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