The Stock is Synching

The one downside to the iPhone is the iTunes software on my laptop, with which I synch music and other files.

In fact, a good deal of Apple’s pc software leaves something to be desired.  While very slick, it is also very slow.  Safari takes an age to open – longer even than IE!   And I have come to view iTunes as a necessary evil, as it is even slower loading into memory than Safari.  God forbid I want to go to the iTunes Store – I click the link then go brush my teeth, and by the time I return it’s just about loaded.

So you see, there are some things I do not like about my iPhone experience.

(But I still love my iPhone.)


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  1. Well you are running Safari on a Microsoft OS, and as we all know, Microsoft haven’t carried out their legal obligations to level the playing field for developers of alternative software, hence the European Union is re-activating legal action against The Evil Mouse. And if you have Vista on your PC, may God have mercy upon your soul (or what is left of it)

  2. Dear God no – Vista? Perish the thought! My husband runs Vista on his laptop and after 18 months has it just about configured correctly.

    I’ve heard about the EU suit. Best of luck, as MS is a seemingly bottomless pit of capital.

    Oh and they have the nerve to have commercials about their business ready software solutions. What a crock.

    On the bright side, Excel doesn’t suck and Access is a really nice data modeling tool.

  3. Oh I forgot the point …

    I used my mom’s Mac Book last summer while in Europe and had the same unsatisfactory experience with Safari thereon. Though it would be fun to do so, I cannot blame MS for that. I resorted to paying a Swiss Franc to use IE and was able to gain the info I needed in no time.

    Apple needs to improve that browser.

  4. A good work(wo)man never blames their tools. A browser is a browser. I can’t see how safari can stop you accessing data (unless it was a crappy website built for IE that ignored the webstandards mozilla browsers adhere to).

  5. Didn’t stop me, but was so frustratingly slow to load that I lost patience.

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