Truth in Advertising

In the interest of providing a balance to my earlier post on Apple’s heavy apps, I have many gripes about Microsoft’s products as well.

Most recently, I feel that MS Outlook 2007 is possibly the heaviest application I have encountered in my casual pc experiences.  The Express version is far lighter, but of course it lacks the nice calendar and reminder features offered by the full application.  Outlook takes an age to load, and frequently fails to complete its mail fetch.  While my laptop is not exactly brimming with memory, it ought to have plenty to handle a well-written time management application; alas, I fear MS has over-reached its capabilities and rendered a perfectly nice little app into a monster.

I much prefer both the speed and portability of my iPhone’s native calendar (which, ironically, offers me the ability to synch with my Outlook calendar!); for example, after checking out some books at the library the other day, I simply added an event Return library books and set a reminder so that a message would appear at the necessary time – thereby saving me money and time.

Yes, I still love my iPhone.


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