Sadie’s Self-actualization

While I love Sadie dearly, she suffers from some very deep and annoying insecurities which provoke her to bark needlessly and act nervous around many men.

A good friend of ours has been a frequent guest in our home, and Sadie has consistently and clearly conveyed to him that he is not welcome.  This evening’s festivities began on such a note, with much barking and backing away from our friend as he approached her.

However, it appears that Sadie has taken an important step toward recovery, as this was the scene toward the end of the evening.


Post script: Yes, I do realize the dog is on the furniture. Other people let their children on the furniture, and my dog is far more pleasant than many children, despite her malbarkady.


2 responses

  1. I must know the secret of your friend’s success with Sadie! One of my toy fox terriers, Bessy, simply will not accept my octogenarian father whenever I am around. She barks at him if he talks to me or enters my room. When I am not around, she’s ok with him, this makes him very sad!

  2. I am not sure what happened. However, we were deep into cosmopolitans at that time of the evening, and not paying much attention to much of anything including Sadie. I wonder if her behavior was a combination of alcohol’s relaxing effect upon our friend, and the fact that we were not paying attention to her (scolding, praising, or anything in between those two).

    She still barks when my husband and I hug in front of her. I try to ignore her when she does it, as I suspect she’s jealous!

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