The Road to Hades

There is a Public Health theory, that certain recreational substances are gateway drugs.  A contraversial such a one is cannabis.  Some experts believe that marijuana use leads to cocaine, heroin, and other highly addictive and illegal, unhealthy drugs.

I ask today:  is the iPhone a gateway technology?   Will it lead me to compulsively play MMO RPGs, constant bragging about my ability to indeed navigate out of that paper bag, visits to the physical therapist for repetitive stress injuries to my index fingers?  Will I require psychotherapy for ADD and OCD?

And more importantly:  what is a good nickname for this evil, addictive, pleasure-inducing technology?

Spawn of Satan seems … well … done already.

The Lucifer phone is something I suggested in a response to a comment made on the previous post.  It doesn’t feel quite right.

Alliteration feels appropriate.

Calling on geeks, pedants and others of a deliciously neurotic nature everywhere for suggestions.


2 responses

  1. It is the Jesus phone, you are merely following the one true way; commiting your live to the service of the saviour

    You do not have a problem, except in trying to deny your own salvation.

  2. Brit, you wax nearly poetic in describing the errors of my ways. Soon you will be dressing like a tv evangelist, standing atop the counter in the lunchroom, waving your iPhone as if the very sceptre of God.

    Suddenly on this warm evening, an icy cold creeps down my spine …

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