Where is the Bug in this Code Snippet?

//Procedure geekOrNerd receives values daysPlayingWOW and fashionSense and returns 0 = neither, 1 = geek, 2 = nerd.


when daysPlayingWOW = *zeros;

return *zero;

when daysPlayingWOW > 100;

return 2;

when fashionSense > 1000;

return *zero;

when daysPlayingWOW > fashionSense/12;

if numberOfNonAthleticShoes > 20;

return 1;


return 2;



return 1;



4 responses

  1. You can be a geek no matter how many shoes you have

  2. True. One just receives a special exemption based on the number of shoes – but it is not the only condition.

    Perhaps I ought to publish the logic underlying how the calling program calculates the value of fashionSense.

  3. It should come as no surprise to discover that niche-marketing does target shoes for geeks http://www.zazzle.com/geek+shoes

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