Escape and Discover

My iPhone is indispensable.   It passes its idle hours in a studded pink leather case that clips to my belt or slips sinuously into my handbag.  During meetings I consult the calendar or set up a reminder.  During a lunch hour I make Facebook updates and add comments to my friends’ Facebook updates.  I check personal emails, take odd snapshots, send ironic texts to friends, and add to my shopping list.  Oh and occasionally I might telephone someone.

Most recently I have become enamoured of a role playing game, Quest.  While my husband watches television I play the game.  As a ‘reward’ for completing monotonous chores I play the game.  When I need to escape from the vanilla reality of suburban life I play the game.  I am new to rpgs, so this is a voyage of discovery.

My character is Analia, a Derth (but with nice hair, of course!), a mystic, an explorer, and a warrior.  My ultimate quest is to rescue the Governor of Freymore,  but I’ve barely progressed as along the way I have met people who needed help and have taken up their cause.  I have slaughtered Orcs, evil Shaman, various skeletons, ghosts and ghouls.  I have gathered plants and concocted potions, discovered booty and gambled at cards.  I have collected amulets and armour, and found, bought and sold weapons and magic wands.  Analia is known as a strong warrior woman, popular with townsfolk and only rarely in trouble with the local soldiers.  She is a person who strives to maintain some integrity.

I started playing the game as an experiment in cognitive behavior modification.  I wondered, Would the act of playing at being someone strong and independent cultivate some of those skills in my brick-and-mortar self? And strangely, somewhat surprisingly, the answer seems to be Yes.


One response

  1. i can see that the i-phone has kept you extremely engaged…no new post in one month. unlike you.

    ps: hope all is well

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