Songs of Heart

I don’t listen to popular music radio anymore, which is not a problem unless I am walking through a store and hear a song, find it intriguing, then realize I have almost zero chance of figuring out artist name, song, album … as happened today.  Heartbreaking, sure, but still not motivation enough to turn the dial and risk hearing drivel.

Sometimes I use Pandora which is good except that there’s too much John Cale recommended when I indicate I like Mark Knopfler.

More frequently, I take refuge in our extensive and frequently amended home music library, some of which makes it my iPhone and a few tunes which land upon a specific playlist.  Recently I’ve been drawn into a mixture of introspective and romantic songs, which happens to the best of the species at times; admittedly, I’ve put up only small resistance to these urges as I am a rational person and concluded it is healthy to indulge in a bit of excess now and again.

Here are the three categories of current interest –


* Here Comes the Sun/The Beatles

* Gold/Interference

Simple lyrics, which make me want to dance with happiness.


* Brand New Day/Sting

* Mother of Pearl/Roxy Music

Yeah, love stinks and all, but then there’s always a backdoor, that one way to get your lover back into your life and make things all better and live happily ever after.


* Let it All Go/Mark Knopfler

* The Last Time I Saw Richard/Joni Mitchell

Other people are always telling us how we ought to live, what we ought to do, how we ought to work, and whom we should love.   Screw them all.


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