There are days when I suspect that I am really from another planet, one where a different system of logic governs the mind and a deeper sense of obligation and responsibility guides one’s actions.

This thought reasserted itself last week when I found my objectives and impulses at odds with those at work. It seemed that the axes were transposed, so that my x was their y. And I realized that these radical differences are not easily reconciled. I experienced a moment of sudden clarity, in fact, which was uncomfortable but necessary.

To paraphrase Gibran, I am willing to concede that my path is not the only path. That said, the challenge remains in choosing my direction and treading its circuitous pavements without the benefit of a compass. To be honest, I feel less self-pity at the thought, and more adrenaline. I relish the opportunity to encounter and cross the fjords; it’s risky and unpredictable, and these words are the very definition of fun in my personal Webster’s.

So I ping my management conscience, and find it responds.


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