iPad Dreams

As everyone within 27,000 miles of an Apple Store must know by now, that company is releasing a new product to market in short order. As usual there is overblown hype and an almost shocking degree of emotion surrounding the iPad. And I confess freely, I am inclined to purchase one myself – once hype, and price, subside a bit.

The advantage of a large iPhone-sans-phone is screen size. I post most of these entries from my iPhone, and it is often a tremendous inconvenience to key in the longer words from a tiny keyboard – even so despite that I have the autocorrect feature perpetually on. The larger scale provides for a proportionately larger keyboard, while the overall size of the thing remains easily portable for my late evenings lounging on the back deck where I most frequently find myself compelled to put word onto screen.

Too, if the reliability is as good as that of the iPhone, I expect few technical challenges distracting me from the tasks I wish to complete. Compared to my heavy, large and very inappropriatrly named laptop, which runs the bug-saturated Windows, the up time is very satisfactory.

Add to these advantages, that of playing Quest without having to squint nearly so much, and I am sold.


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