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Why is it that some people are so determined to provide unsolicited advice?

It is astonishing to me, those who believe I am interested in receiving their version of wisdom. They lead me to become more selective when sharing myself.

Contrast these arrogant sorts, with the few to whom I gravitate. Compassionate sorts, who aren’t afraid to think, feel and live deeply.  People whose discretion is beyond question. People who are not obsessed with social class; they treat the waiter as a human being.  Women and men who share their joy and sorrow with equal honesty.  Those are the friends to whom I turn when I seek advice, confirmation, comfort.

And while laughter might be found anywhere, it tastes sweeter in their company.

The arrogant ones – they are actually the blessing of my life.  They remind me of my good fortune in having these other few in my life.  I hope I may always deserve them.


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