Wielding my machete

George Bernard Shaw said:  Life isn’t about finding yourself.  It’s about creating yourself.

This is exciting at first, and then it is disturbing.  Daunting.

I am filled with ideas, fear, energy, joy, desire, sadness.  Do I add a cup of sugar and an egg, then bake for 45 minutes?

But, I don’t have a working oven right now.

Maybe it’s better to start from scratch.  Curl back into a ball, then stretch limbs, open eyes and mind to the textures and colors and sounds and smells that present:  the buzz of flourescent light bulbs;  the scent of night-blooming jessamine through the window; a feathery-soft cashmere sweater in light green.

Or, get out my machete and cut my own path through the forest.


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