This Week in Review

To recap the work week:
Worked late Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Answered 701 emails
Have 183 unread emails
Forgot to check my voicemail for messages (as usual)
Attended 25 meetings
Disciplined 1 employee; HR stood me up (those rat bastards)
Had a doctor appointment (z -packs suck the life out of a person)
Talked with manager about disciplining another employee
Delivered 1 major project
Delivered 6 minor projects
Returned shoes to Zappos (didn’t fit)
Compromised on 11 projects
Ate an entire box of Junior Mints
Had MS Project (the lesser of several evils) loaded for 2 managers
Read 10 Tech Republic articles
Drank 6 decaf grande lattes
Sized 6 new projects
Have 26 items remaining on to do list (not bad!)

Maybe I should change my order from decaffeinated to caffeinated.


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