Puerto Rico II

The work conference was busy, between meals, events and presentations. There were a few hours after the evening events during which we sat with my colleagues enjoying the local potions. Still, we managed to squeeze in time for evening walks and swimming in the several pretty pools.

As we did, I noticed how friendly the people who live in Puerto Rico seem. Having visited similarly pleasant areas in the Caribbean, Hawaii and a tropical region of Mexico, I found myself wondering if tropical climates engender a positive and outgoing attitude. Maybe it’s just too hot to be irritable for any length of time.

On Friday evening the company held a pirate-themed dinner event followed by lengthy presentations profiling both the president and then the CEO. I was surprised at the number of people who dressed in costume. I had a sort of makeshift costume but due to an unfortunate incident the skirt became drenched and wasn’t dried in time for the event. I felt oddly out of place.


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