Puerto Rico finale

After the closing company dinner, a group of colleagues, my husband and I met in a hotel bar to savor our last night in Puerto Rico – with the assistance of a good bartender and generous quantities of mojitos.

A gentleman at the end of the bar, not part of our party, had purchased the new iPhone, so a few of us crowded round to ooh and ah over the thing. We even asked him to take a picture of our group, and he obliged.

It turns out the gentleman was Miguel Cotto, the champion boxer!

Later, now deep in drink, we decided it would be a good (?) idea to go for a nighttime swim. We all rushed off to remove our finery and slip into bathing gear, and spent the next 2 hours or so swimming.

The highlight of this swim was a midnight foray into the ocean, under a nearly full moon. The warm waves washed over us, gentled by a reef several hundred yards out. I lay on my back, buoyed by the salt water, and gazed up at the moon. It’s a feeling of bliss I will never forget.


2 responses

  1. Midnight swim and full moon (not to mention mojitos); sounds like absolute heaven!

  2. It was beautiful, and a perfect cap to the trip.

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