And suddenly … crash

I considered myself a good judge of character – until today. I am in fact so surprised at a revelation that the foundation for my judgment seems nothing short of self-congratulatory and delusional. This is uncomfortable, and tremendously humbling. I look back at yesterday and see someone who was naive, even gullible and childish.

Truth has a way of setting a soul straight, and though I am disappointed in myself for having enthusiastically and wholly bought into what was simply illusion, I suppose I am stronger as a consequence. Embarrassed, chagrined and even somewhat angry – but certainly, a better person today than yesterday.

So now what? Rebuilding the foundation, stone by stone, and let the experience teach me its lesson.


2 responses

  1. Yes, some of those awakenings can be quite uncomfortable – a whole shift in perspective sometimes.

  2. Yes – and I try to think back on this periodically so that I don’t make the same judgment error again.

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