Glass Tower

Thanks to a (good?) friend, who introduced me to Glass Tower 2, I claim temporary insanity and admit to a driving compulsion – a seeming need – to play and master the game. It’s loaded on my iPhone and several times last week I told my husband I really should remove this app, and yet could not bring myself to perform the deed.

The objective is to break the blue blocks without breaking the red ones. Stacked atop one another, as one expects each level is progressively more complex. One ill-timed, poorly-planned or precipitate move and red blocks tumble into oblivion. Worse yet, the player is offered unlimited mulligans at each level.

I should have been dusting in the dining room and tending to houseplants yesterday afternoon, but instead I feverishly tackled level 7.

A perverse twist in all this is that I discovered myself rationalizing this addiction, viewing play as a sort of management training exercise.


One response

  1. Yes, management training does sometimes lead to dead plants… ha.

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