A Respectful Distance

Having nothing of interest to write, I have recently written nothing.  However, I’ve noticed that the lack of blogfodder doesn’t often seem to deter many from indulging, and so I have determined that my absence might be construed as a sort of statement that I may consider myself better than others; in an attempt to ensure I am not viewed as an elitist, I therefor set pen to paper (or the electronic versions thereof) and leave my obligatory mark in the blogosphere.

It seems so many of the people in my life are struggling with the question of work/life balance.  Unfortunately, there are also a few who would love to be in the position where half of that equation is a problem, as the lack of the former threatens the existence of the latter.  These are hard times indeed for so many, and I’m in a position where I have to make difficult decisions involving the livelihoods of other people.  It’s a trippy situation for someone who has always enjoyed solving problems, to be in a place where many (including myself at times) would view me as a part of the problem.  I don’t know what to do exactly, except where possible to enable those affected to be treated with some dignity and respect while they remain employed.

This topic receives so much discussion in the press, from perspectives which my mind finds repulsive.  It feels like either the media creates a melodrama, or is completely detached; business is either the Spawn of Satan, or it’s a mindless machine.  As is so often the case, I find the truth for me is somewhere in between.  The dramas of people losing their jobs then their homes is headline-making material, but the interesting parts for me are the untold stories in between of intelligent, capable people whose lives are not destroyed but rather radically altered from six figure combined incomes to barely above poverty level.

I wonder about this, I wonder about how far my own life is from such a change, and then the question becomes, What can I do to fix the problem?  Unfortunately, there’s no bit of code to undo the damage, no algorithm I can apply to reverse the spin of the wheels.


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