At long last, 2011

I am not inclined to look back on most of 2010 with nostalgia and affection.  While a few wonderful things unfolded – including reconnecting with old and dear friends, making a family visit to Kansas, and spending a few entertaining days at Disneyland with my awesome husband – much of the year was wrapped up with work, or crises of faith, or my narcissism, or discovering that people I liked and trusted were neither likeable nor trustworthy.

And so, forward to 2011. 

This is the year during which Iwill celebrate 25 years of marriage, the thought of which blows my mind as it seems like just a couple of years ago when I wore the dress and walked the walk, and repeated the words in front of God and witnesses.  But then, I look at the photos and yeah, that hair style is sooooo 80’s.  Plans are still uncemented, but there’s talk of a trip to Maui.  Woo hoo!

 This is the year I will learn how to manage an ERP implementation free of customization, while cajoling my business partners into cooperating.  Sure, they think they are on board, but inevitably they’ll come up with a reason for missing the planning meetings, or equivocating on a requirement.  There will be misunderstandings, miscommunications, and many fingers being pointed in unflattering manners and directions.  I’m ready.

This is the year when I am focused on life path, without distractions.  Dreams are grounded into goals, and goals broken down into objectives.  I’m a natural dreamer.  I am a  list-maker.  I’m so into it.

This is the year when I spend my leisure time prudently.  I will see more of the people whom I love, which means my family and my closest friends, and won’t allow my time to be wasted by others.  This will give me more evenings which end with What a fun day!  and fewer which end with That was 6 hours of my life I’ll never be able to reclaim.


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