The view from inside the fishbowl

My husband scored Wish You Were Here for Christmas, which I promptly uploaded and have since been listening to with near obsessive focus.  The title track is my current favorite; I have even set the iPod on replay while making the 25-mile drive to work, and have yet to tire of the song.

I’ve rediscovered Pink Floyd, and though was rebelliously disdainful at the time this album was released realize now that I dig some of this prog rock stuff after all.  It is Gilmour’s voice – both figuratively through his guitar, and literally through vocals – I find most compelling.  There’s a deep sadness, and a flat sweet clarity to it which I find a near-perfect vehicle for the material.  It’s most moving.

Recently we watched a documentary based around the creative effort behind Dark Side of the Moon, and was pleased and surprised to discover that Gilmour’s voice is still reasonably well intact even in the 21st century.

Interesting, too, that tastes can change so radically over the years.


5 responses

  1. Never quite sure if I prefer the title track or Shine on
    You Crazy Damond. In either case, these two tracks make it a
    splendid and understated album

    1. David, I read that Watters claimed ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’ wasn’t written with Syd Barrett in mind. But that seems hard to believe – maybe Watters was simply trying to be compassionate. Ah, the weight of the world resting on fragile shoulders results in such tragedy.

  2. its funny you wrote this now…coz i ws just re-visiting an old Floy favorite, ‘Meddle’ a few days ago and got lost in it. i used to be a bigtime fan of theirs in teens as well as early 20s, then they just automatically moved out of my way as there was so much more music to discover. but now, 10 yrs later, whenever i visit any of my favorite albums, its a delight!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! My husband picked up an old Psychedelic Furs album last summer and in some ways it was like a time warp – high school, hanging out with my quirky friends discussing great books and dreams for the future – but also freshly experienced, appreciated differently from the perspective of someone with more years of life under the belt.

  3. hmm I need to check this out!

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