Chick flicks

I’m planning a ladies’ movie night with some friends next month.  We’ll be eating salads and quiches and brownies, and drinking sparkly stuff, while viewing Letters to Juliet and wearing hats.  There’s even a quiz involved, with a prize for the highest score.

I might have to post pictures.

There’s something very comfortable about a chick flick.  It’s predictable.  It’s romantic.  It’s downright reliable, unlike so many other things in life.  No surprise then that such films as Eat Pray Love generate truckloads of revenue.  We dream about taking off to find ourselves in the heart of Paris/India/Argentina.  We dream of leaving the mundane behind and revel in our independence.  We dream of healing pain and rediscovering our hearts.

Love, commitment, responsibility, maturity – all of these things prevent us in real life from running away to exotic lands.  Far from being anchors weighing us down, these are our foundations. 

When we’re smart and lucky, we build something beautiful on those foundations.  That dream of exotic lands revealing our spirit – it’s not a bad thing.  It doesn’t mean we are unhappy, or weak, or beaten down by the world.  It’s that inner voice reminding us that deep inside we’re interesting, and that we have something meaningful to contribute to the lifestyle we’ve built on top of that foundation.  It’s not that there’s a void to be filled; simply, a reminder that in the heart of the routine that is our life, we take a moment to connect to self and others.  That is romance.


2 responses

  1. beautiful thought, even more beautifully expressed!

    1. Too kind, Meraj!

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