Not unexpected, just not what I’d prefer

Change is afoot, once again, in my workplace.

The latest at my company, to transition from an entirely custom application system to an off-the-shelf suite, probably sounds dull to those who don’t work in business applications development or IT.  But it’s a massive effort requiring tens of thousands of hours from a substantial team of people.

The project is undertaken in order to improve scalability and reduce ongoing expenditures.  After this transition is complete, a number of people will lose their jobs.  Most of the development staff, in fact.  Those who will lose their jobs know; the decision was made to share the plan well in advance.  It was the right decision, too.  It’s humane, and it makes good business sense in that those who remain for the long term see that the company is willing to take a risk by being forthright.  That can go a long way toward building a sense of trust.

But as with any such revelation, there are casualties.  It’s not unexpected.  It seems like change in itself introduces a different sort of uncertainty, perhaps a symbol that it’s time for a personal change.  Maybe it’s more philosophic, reminding us of the transitory nature of life.  Maybe it’s frankly pragmatic, that money is money and a sure thing is worth more than a dream.  And so today I received notice of the first such casualty, which was the resignation of someone whom I’d prefer wouldn’t resign.

I always say, change is good.  I believe it too – there’s something beneficial in the act of change even if it’s not immediately apparent.  It’s not often easy, though.  Maybe nothing worthwhile is simple, once we scratch at it and remove a bit of the veneer.


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