Closet Dive! Part 4

One thing I noticed after reviewing the photos from the Closet Dive is that I prefer wearing lighter colors rather than darker tones.

This first outfit looks fine, yet I found myself uncomfortable with the dark brown jacket.

Outfit 1

I much prefer looking at this second outfit, even though wearing the striped shirt open over the crossover knit shell is slightly outside my comfort zone.  Well, it was; my style decisions seem to have become slightly less formulaic as a consequence of this exercise.

Outfit 2

Outfit 1

Dress – Lesley Evers (thrifted)

Jacket – Ann Taylor (swap with sister!)

Shoes – Tsubo (db Shoes)

Belt – unknown (thrifted)

Outfit 2

Shirt – Geoffrey Beene Sport (thrifted)

Shell – Cupid (Macy’s)

Trousers – label lost during tailoring (T.J. Maxx)

Shoes – Liz Claiborne (?? don’t recall)

Belt – unknown (thrifted)


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