Closet Dive! Steph’s Analysis

Stephanie followed up on our afternoon of exploration with some notes, as follows:

Tips and Tricks:

* Add a third layer to bring polish to a look. This can be a jacket, vest, cardi, blouse acting as jacket, scarf, etc.
* Break up your figure vertically in a 1/3:2/3 or 2/3:1/3 ratio rather than 1/2:1/2 (from shoulder to your lowest hem).
* Doing something 3 times make it looks like you did it on purpose (your green sheath with black shoes, shawl, and black + white pearls).

Attributes which read as more authoritative in clothing: solid, dark colors; matte, flat textures; collars; sharper, cleaner lines; structured garments. Include more of these elements in order to appear more authoritative, in control, high status.

Shopping Suggestions:

With the palette you’ve developed, here’s color/texture suggestions: for newts, try warm browns (from dark to tan/khaki). warm greys (again, dark to light), warm navy blues, and olive drab. denims in all washes will also work as a newt in most outfits. Black seems a little harsh to me on you, so I wouldn’t use a whole lot next to your face, but that’s just my viewpoint. Also, with your love of color you can use browns, greys, blues, olive drabs instead and end up with a more interesting color story in your looks. and these colors can be just as flexible as black.

For metals I favor more of the warm tones (gold, copper, bronze) and a softer finish (hammered, brushed, matte) rather than a high polish. I think this works more with your love of lace and rougher texture (linen knits, etc.) and will help to meld your outfits together a bit.

Jewelry: some stud earrings will give a nice finish to your looks while being kind of unobtrusive.  Pearls (maybe in grey?) or CZs are nice; gold, turquoise or bronze would also fit in nicely with your palette.  Studs are nice because they add polish without being distracting as dangles can be.    I’d also keep an eye out for some necklaces in 16″ length (sitting right at the base of the neck) with no pendant. this will look nice with the square necklines you favor. try thin, thick, whatever (as long as it’s cheap!).

Little Jackets: You have so many great blouses & tops! But I think that jackets was the big hole we found in your closet. Medium-light (all the way to light tan) brown and grey (again, charcoal thru dove) would both be nice newts that you could wear with a number of you current pieces.  I’d mix it up as far as formality/structure – having that third layer can give you that authority even if it’s an informal piece worn at the company picnic. You can also look for jackets that ‘tie in’ with existing bottoms to give the look of a ‘made up’ suit. A charcoal grey jacket worn with any of your black pants would be an example. I think your most flattering hem length is no higher than a couple of inches below your natural waist and no lower than the crotch. Of course, if you try on a jacket that doesn’t hit you in this area and it looks great and fills a hole, go for it! But I think with your figure this is a good rule of thumb.

Cardigans: Try a couple and see how you like them. The jacket guidelines apply here too.  Cardis add the polish of the third layer while being much more casual/approachable.

Belts: Go for it, try anything that seems reasonable (as long as it’s cheap! when you nail down your
style/needs, invest if you like). See palette/metals suggestions above. I’d look for belts with added detail and texture – studs, grommets, embroidery, chains,
cutouts. That cutout brown belt really looks great with your style, so I’m thinking that you may get more use out of detailed/textured pieces, rather than
plain. Try some wide, skinny, wrap around….

Little shells that you can wear under jackets or blouses/tunics.  Just stay within your palette and go for a variety. You may want to consider coverage in case you need to ditch your third layer.


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