Garden outing

This morning a friend and I toured the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek.

I didn’t know much about it, but when we arrived I learned it’s a succulents garden.  I’m not terribly fond of succulents or cacti, but we were there so I traipsed through.

By fortunate happenstance, the garden has just finished hosting a sculptures sale, and we enjoyed perusing the various interesting work while the artists were arriving to dismantle their goods.  We talked with a couple of the artists, including the very friendly Joe Bologna whose fresh, inventive and intriguing welded works included a gong made from recycled auto parts.  What a great morning!

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Blouse – J.Jill (thrifted)

Tank top – lost the label! (thrifted)

Sandals – Sanita (db Shoes)

Skirt – there’s a label that reads EAKY but I didn’t find any matches when I surfed  (thrifted)

Belt – an unlabeled silk scarf (thrifted)


4 responses

  1. That looks like a lot of fun – and you’ve shot some great examples of what you found in this garden!

    Succulents are fleshy and retain water, so it would make sense that water lilies are succulents – and I have learned something new today! Thank you for that.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Nice to see you here, and I’m flattered as you are heads above me many times over in the photography department.

    I’m still not certain that water lilies are succulents. I’ve looked this up online, and the information I’ve mined thus far is ambiguous :(. Regardless, though, it’s a pretty plant and I was happy to see several in bloom!

  3. Ah, I am older than you are – more years, more time shooting. You’ll see! And I think your photos were wonderful!

    I googled too, and didn’t find the definitive answer about water lilies and succulents. I have one great resource I can ask… and I will ask her now and let you know what I learn.

  4. Okay, I got a reply from my expert:

    I would not think that water lillies are succulents but then again when you read the description of what a succulent is
    it tells you that plants, called geophytes, that die back to underground storage into tuberous roots, corms, bulbs or rhizomes may be regarded as succulents.
    Water liles do have tuberous rhizomes so in that case I guess we can call them succulents.
    But I think officially they are not found on the list of succulents.
    Good question Patty! I guess a tulip and daff, etc are all succulents but maybe we should call the geophytes.
    Here are some websites I found and no I am not really the expert on everything plant-wise I needed to look for more infor on the web.
    Now i will go to the blog.

    wikipedia gives a list of all the succulents, I do not have a book with more info than that

    That botanical garden I need to visit, it seems a wonderful place!

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