Cuz he’s awesome!

My husband came home one day and decided to build a brick patio.

Bricks were delivered, and a bunch of sand.

Then stuff started to happen.

Day 2

And more stuff.

Day 3

More to come!


3 responses

  1. That looks like fun! Especially if you don’t have loads of bugs to eat you alive as you enjoy the patio. I look forward to seeing it completed!

  2. It’s nearly done now. Unfortunately, the sand also meant sand fleas which hitchhiked into the house and are proving to be rather difficult to eradicate. Difficult, but not impossible: we’re a determined pair, and after washing everything washable and vacuuming and disposing of the debris in the outdoor garbage can we’re just about flea-free!

  3. Oh noooooooo!!!
    Sand fleas are a mess. May they stay away now!

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