Sweet start to 2012

My dad began cleaning out his attic this morning and found 4 storage bins filled with family ephemera including thousand of photographs. I selected a bin and sorted through to find all sorts of treasures, including this one of my maternal grandparents on what I assume was their wedding day in 1923.  He was 29; she was 24.


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  1. What I great find! I love love love old family photos, particularly from the 20s and 30s. Bill has managed to infect me with a weird fascination for that period in history, the clothes, the art deco style (though art nouveau is also high on the list), the lifestyle (of the rich, of course). My family is full of professional photographers, but strangely lacking in wedding photos. I woke up one morning in 2011 with just that thought. My maternal grandmother was a flapper and a hell raiser married 2-3 times (genealogy research as raised some interesting mysteris) and I’ve no doubt she’ll have burned previous wedding photos, if there were any. Mom and Dad married quickly in the week before he was sent to Italy in 1944. My Dad’s parents were the epitomy of respectability and he and several brothers and brothers in law were eventually to be photographers…not one photo amongst hundreds of others of their wedding in 1913.

    You write beautifully, by the way. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you’ll drop in again some time.

  2. Love how I find typos the instant I hit publish…What *a* great find…

  3. Thanks, Shelley. It was a great find indeed! Today I’m sending off a box of the photos to be professionally scanned so I can give copies to the family geneologists and share with my sisters as well. Once returned, the originals will be placed in an album I’ll give to my mom.

    I continued diving into the bin this week and found some old birth certificates, ancient Valentine’s day cards, and a poem one of my great aunts wrote – all, treasures.

    1. Valentines cards and poems! I’m really envious!

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