The art of being human

I didn’t understand at first what it was I loved so much about Mike Mills’ film Beginners.  I only knew that it moved me, that I cried during the last 30 minutes.

During subsequent weeks, I’ve frequently thought about the film, and in my mind always land on the moments of pain, emptiness, then transformation.  Though the specifics of the situations were unfamiliar to me, the struggle to connect and love, the inarticulate need to be an individual, the acceptance of family without truly understanding them – all are part of the art of being human.  And to this, I could relate.


6 responses

  1. gotto see this one now

  2. saw it and loved it…thanks!

  3. I’m so honored you took my word for it and went to the trouble to see it, and pleased to hear you loved it too!

  4. whether its Knopfler, Sholzhenitsyn or Once, our tastes match…so i figured that this will be a good movie. an as i said earlier, i wasn’t disappointed at all. and the title of your piece is befitting.

  5. I cry at the end of most movies I watch! It looks like it would be good, but owing to the nearly 48 hours of flights and the incredible choices of films to watch, I’m sort of movied-out at the moment…

  6. I can imagine! That is a looooooong amount of time in the air. Did you take an iPad and watch movies you’d downloaded?

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