Spirit of the Age

My husband found an old Hawkwind recording online, and has been obsessively restoring a cut of Spirit of the Age.

When he commented to me that he ought to buy a HW tee shirt after listening to the song a dozen times over, my inner sartorialist was compelled to do a search and found this:

It’s very strange and humbling to me that a song presumably written from the perspective of a man who is the clone of a man who left earth for the far-reaches of outer space, now rueing that his girlfriend would be long dead once he could return to the big blue planet.

Now that I say this, I’m reminded of Moon, the 2009 film  (warning: spoiler!) in which a man is seemingly temporarily stationed on Earth’s moon tending to a mine, poignantly missing wife and child – and it turns out he’s a clone.  Was Duncan Jones inspired by Hawkwind?


3 responses

  1. Hello! I’m finally back home after 6 weeks in Australia (Gosh it’s good to be home). Didn’t have much access to internet in Sydney, so have loads of reading to catch up with! No idea about Hawkwind – never heard of it before. Pleased to see the heading ‘geek’, so I don’t feel so bad…

    1. Oh and welcome back, Shelley! I hope you had a fabulous time in Australia.

  2. My husband and I have a good friend who is a Hawkwind fanatic. They have been around since the early 1970’s, I believe, and were probably amongst the first in the progressive rock category. It’s not a genre that has appealed to me particularly, but this song was pretty addictive. I’m still hearing the tune in my head periodically, some several days later!

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