Little green men

Virginia Rometty is the CEO of IBM.

She will, as so many IBM execs have done in the past, attend the Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Membership in this club is exclusively limited to men who, if their application for membership is accepted, have the honor of wearing the Club’s signature green blazer.

Rometty is a CEO of an iconic organization so she’s politically savvy enough to steer away from controversy of the sort associated with the club.

I am perhaps not quite as savvy, or maybe it’s just that I have less to lose.   Or it could just be that I’ve realized it’s 2012 and the mores of the 1950’s should be dead and buried, thank you very much.

Nevertheless, I need not really say anything at all in the body of this post.  The title covers it much more succinctly.


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  1. Ilegirl – I love this and couldn’t agree more!!

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