Sadie love

Our Northern California winter this year had been unusually dry.  Fortunately, early spring storms are bringing both rain to lower elevations and snow to the Sierras.  Unfortunately, rain in my neck of the woods means muddy dog paws.  Still, it’s difficult for me to be long annoyed with Purveyor of All Things Muddy.

She looks very serious in this picture, and it must be due to having brought a stick in the house from the backyard.  She knows it’s naughty, and responds to the command Take the dirty thing outside by taking the dirty thing outside.  I’ve had employees who are less compliant.



3 responses

  1. Yes, I do sometimes think dogs are easier than people. That said, when I give a dog a command, I do use a tone of voice that I’d hesitate using with another human being. When I was 8 I had a great dog, part standard silver poodle, part border collie, and I spent a whole summer training her by a book I had. I learned that consistency and tone of voice were important. Come to think of it, the same applies to people, but still, I don’t tend to ‘command’ people.

  2. What a wonderful experience, to read a book then apply the knowledge.

    A well-trained dog is a lovely life companion.

  3. Sadie is beautiful and what a good girl to understand the command!! We could use some of that rain in Savannah!

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