It’s easy to remember the really crummy things that happen: the crazy woman who pulled her car around me and turned in front of me as I was making a right-hand turn; the sales clerk at Macy’s who was visibly annoyed when I asked her to check stock for a gift item; the couple sitting in front of me on my last flight from Dallas who brought their very young infant on the 3-hour-long flight which screamed for 2-1/2 of those hours.  It’s easy to be judgmental, and it’s easy to be annoyed and cynical.

What takes more character is to be open, compassionate, and focused on what lays the foundation for a good life.  Once that foundation is laid, it requires maintenance too – and that means real work.

So it was a delight to watch happythankyoumoreplease and get a reminder that everyone is imperfect, and often in very interesting ways.  When we close our eyes and really listen, we hear the soul of the other speak to ours, and shake ourselves – suddenly, radically –  into another level of awareness.  And if we have the courage to do it, this can be a blissful thing.


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