Being Thanksgiving, it’s natural to consider gratefulness.  As I am a bit morose about spending my first holiday without my husband – he’s off to visit family and as I have to work tomorrow I’m not accompanying him – it seems a good idea to distract myself from such thoughts by considering what brings the joy of regularity into my life.

First, I am grateful for that man in my life.  I am sure that some acquaintances and friends find us a peculiar match, but we suit one another. Music was what brought us together nearly 28 years ago, and there’s no accident that this led to a sustained relationship: a connection based on the inexplicable, the nonsequitor, the warm and dark/light of quiet soul meant that once the superficialities were stripped away we found shared ideals.
All these years later, we’ve weathered those periods of youthful poverty, emotional estrangements, sadness, and happiness – all typical of love relationships but which ever too frequently lead to permanent schisms.

I am also grateful for my family.  I am occasionally irritated with them, but I also understand that they would not irritate me at all if I did not care for them so very much.  Today I am fortunate to spend the afternoon with the family, sharing food and laughter, and a bond that transcends the mere fact of shared DNA.

I am grateful for my friends, who are all smart and quirky and charming.  I appreciate their individuality, their grace, and their acceptance of myself.

I am grateful for my dog, Sadie, who is so gentle, loving, and funny.  She teaches me that simplicity does indeed have virtues.

Finally, I am grateful to have the faculties and fortune that afford me not only the essentials for survival but a bit more so that I can have a few nice things and give something back now and again.

Best wishes to all for a lovely holiday.




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