It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

christmas tree

Late last month I received a birthday gift that was the wrong size, and with Christmas shoppers out en force I was dreading the task of handling the exchange.

But this morning I decided I had better handle the task.  I needed a new sweater, the current collection becoming somewhat threadbare, so I convinced myself that it wouldn’t be so bad if I arrived in the morning before the after-church crowds descended.  I braced myself all the same for the unpleasant task of shopping in a brick-and-mortar shop.

I arrived a bit early, and was chagrined to see that shoppers were lining up outside of the shops waiting for the tell-tale click of the lock before charging forward, credit cards in hand.  Once the locks were snapped open, and the hordes rushed to tables to rumple the merchandise, I observed with some surprise that the crowds were not nearly as snippy and grabby as I had anticipated.  I was able to find a sweater and manage my exchange swiftly, and after picking up the few odds and ends remaining on the Christmas shopping list (mostly in the stocking stuffer category), I gladly tripped back to my car and deposited my numerous bags in the trunk.

I noticed that my back ached something fierce, and I recalled that this ache tends to recur when shopping in stores.  I do not have this ache when I walk the dog, or when I stroll to a restaurant, and never when shopping online.  I’m concluding that this is a malady associated with the Season of Shopping which has come to typify the Christmas experience.


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