Bitter and sweet

The year that will soon give way was sad, tiring and stressful.  I will be glad when the ball drops and the new year begins;  I am a sucker for that rather simplistic symbolism for new beginnings.

Rather than dwell on what now lies in the past, I move on to the path ahead.  It takes several turns, so I can’t quite see where it leads.  The important thing is to start walking, try to make wise choices at the forks, and always remember I can meander back to the crossroads if the path I choose ends up leading me in a wrong direction.

I started my usual list of objectives for the new year, which include spending more time doing fun things with people of my choosing, reading some of the growing pile of books in my nightstand, writing with more regularity, saving money for a desired kitchen remodel, and redecorating a room that is beginning to look a bit shabby as I’ve dinged the prettily-painted walls a few too many times with the backs of chairs and such.  As I’m expecting much more travel for work this year (and sadly only to Dallas, rather than an exciting locale such as Paris), I have greater need to indulge my natural impulse to impose order on my space so that while away from home my commitments and articles remain well organized.

Key plans include a themed movie night with my women friends, hosted here and complete with goodie bags and a prize for the best interpretation of the theme, and some shopping outings to explore particular Bay Area digs.



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