Dallas Museum of Art

A pleasant day here in Dallas meant it was nearly a shame to spend hours indoors. But if one does choose to remain under a roof, the Dallas Museum of Art is a good place to do so.

Two colleagues and I ventured out around midday and spent over 2 hours wandering through the exhibits, and had time allowed we could have spent a good deal more hours as we barely scratched the surface. The original attraction was a traveling exhibit of Paris art posters, but the museum has a number of nicely-curated collections ranging from modern to classical. Unfortunately I was too preoccupied with looking and commenting to my companions to take enough photos to share a representative sample; collections include at least 2 Jackson Pollack paintings, numerous Rothko, a series of Mapplethorpe botanicals, and a wonderful collection of ancient jewelry, along with some well-commented classical paintings.

20130106-213637.jpgThe Eiffel Tower in colorful splendor reminded me of children doing chalk art on the sidewalks. I mean that as a compliment, not a negative criticism.

Our time ran short and didn’t allow for perusing art of ancient America, nor the Asian, African and Pacific region collection though a glance to the latter led me to believe this would be enticing. Perhaps on my next visit – which ought to be in a couple of months – I can return to finish the tour.

20130106-213750.jpgThe upper lip on this bust juts out noticeably further than the lower, which made me think of modern orthodontia, then wonder about the evolving standards for beauty in societies. Was this young man considered handsome despite the overbite?


3 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing about Rothko! I love Rothko!

    1. Me too. Honestly I know less to nothing about art but it’s fun to look at and think about what inspired the artist.

      1. I love art and posting about art on wordpress. http://www.segmation.wordpress.com

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