The company for which I work relocated its corporate operations from Northern California to Dallas, Texas several months ago.

Dallas is not my favorite travel destination, and this is almost certainly due primarily to a visit made in early August when the weather was punishingly hot and a perverse twist of fate left me stranded in town for a day longer than desired.

It is January and I’m now back in Dallas for a business-related visit. The weather is much more obliging, and while I experienced a delay with my airport shuttle it was of short duration and I am now safely settled at the Intercontinental Hotel.

This hotel isn’t nearly as posh as the previous lodgings at the Grand Hyatt located inside DFW airport. It is quite adequate to my needs, though, and the mad Bay Area lover in me was tickled to find a familiar San Francisco brand represented in the bath products (Agraria)and a small coffee maker in the room – something the Hyatt puzzlingly did not provide.

These are the idle thoughts strolling through my mind at 2:06 am, when I ought to be asleep in preparation for some excitement tomorrow but instead am sitting in bed with iPad on my lap.

20130106-020910.jpg Grand Hyatt at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport


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