I logged into the Facebook web application for the first time in many moons.  I don’t often visit Facebook, and when I do I tend to use the iOS app.

I was struck with how awful the web application is, and it surprises me that a company which is essentially in the business of internet advertising could be so oblivious to best practices in UI design.  (But what is even more astonishing is that as consumers so many people put up with it!)

I found it frustrating to navigate due to all of the visual clutter, and the app invitations and other ads were off-putting instead of tempting or inviting.  Just my opinion of course.  But it sure seems like a lost opportunity as the Facebook premise of remaining in touch with friends and family is a good one, and a cleaner UI with better nav options could make this application much more valuable and, in the longer term, more attractive to advertisers.



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