Point Isabel

We spent a couple of hours at Pt Isabel, which is a dog-friendly Bay shoreline nearabouts Richmond.

The Bay view and access was fantastic, and Sadie high-tailed it into the gentle surf, yipping like a pup! Back in her puppy days, though, she was terrified of the shore. She seemed very anxious when the surf rolled in, and actively avoided getting her feet in the stuff. But after a trip to Carmel Beach, where she discovered the joys of rolling in dead marine creature goo, it seems something changed and she became terribly fond of a rocky shoreline. Was it the perfume of dead creature (eau de seal) that triggered a primordial urge to splash in the surf?? Perhaps the smell of moldering seaweed, a bouquet to her canine schnoz? Whatever the source, she has found her bliss.

The view from this shoreline was gorgeous, and sadly this photo does little to convey the contrasts between green water, blue sky and fogged- in Golden Gate Bridge – alas, I am not blessed as a photographer. The weather being hot at our inland home we were tickled to be buffeted by chilly winds as we meandered along the well-maintained trail.

The one potential spoil to the day was following the native iPhone map’s dictated directions; these led us to a rear trail entrance in a dicey area where we witnessed a drug deal and saw a few cars that looked as if they’d been half-stripped of valuables. We backtracked and located a main entrance with a municipal parking lot and all was well.


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