The Final Frontier

Friday before the last my husband had a bonus day off from work and, as I likewise was at liberty before starting my new job, we enjoyed the rare pleasure of being at leisure together on a weekday.

The morning was spent exercising our pup at Point Isabel, which allows off-leash romps along a bay shoreline boasting vistas ranging from mountain to cityscape.  Once she had exercised appropriately, we dried her off and returned home.

The question arose: what to do with the afternoon?  While the weather was pleasant, it was not quite enough to tempt a stroll downtown, and neither of us was particularly interested in shopping.  We opted to see a movie:  Gravity.

We selected the 3D cinema experience, and were not disappointed.  The effect was executed adeptly, and a far cry from the days when one might duck in one’s seat due to ‘flying debris’.  Some scenes led me to feel downright woozy with motion sickness, and so effectively so that a recollection of the event evokes a faint taste of iron.

Aside from the special effects, the performances were fantastic and the story compelling and exciting.  Lots of danger, unexpected and breathtaking twists of fate, and allegory so deftly woven through that it never feels heavy-handed.  I admit to shedding some tears – for me, this was not an action movie but rather a story about the meaning of survival.


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