A Place in the Country


Note: no spoilers herein!

We are working our way through Downton Abbey, and this evening have finished watching Season 3. I was eager to continue watching, but calmer heads prevailed and this pleasure is deferred to Sunday, when we plan to watch the next season’s launch now awaiting us courtesy of a DVR.

I find so many aspects of the show appealing, and particularly delight in the details: the chaos in the kitchens during a large dinner party, contrasted with the elegant formality in the dining room; the fact that instead of always appearing in a new outfit the characters’ wardrobes are much more realistic, such as a day dress that appears in several episodes; a variety of body types not limited to the beautiful, young and slim; hints of sexual tension amid the dreamy romance of the castle; the ritual braiding of the ladies’ hair each night. These details are delicately stirred into the gradually unfolding character development – like a lovely Scotch made to bloom with the addition of just the exact bit of water.


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  1. Must see your country soon and must watch Downton Abbey! So much good vintage fashion in both places. Thanks for joining my fun! I hope you´ll enjoy the daily photos from my true vintage closet.

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