The title summarizes my thoughts of the film we watched last weekend: Wolverine.

I like Hugh Jackman, but I’ll confess I don’t care for the Wolverine character. But an action film is sometimes enjoyable, and this one was not awful. It was merely …. well, see above.

(Warning: spoilers ahead!)

The movie would have been much better had Wolverine fallen for the unconventional, smart and adorable foster girl. She was infinitely more interesting and complex than the admittedly charming, strong and attractive heiress. I would appreciate someone, someday making a movie where the quirky girl hooks up with the superhero type. After all, this is no longer high school, so the quarterback is not obligated to date the head cheerleader. Hollywood, please get with the program and stop making up such contrived crap.

Another improvement would be a 50% reduction in the duration of fight scenes. This isn’t Kung Fu. The martial arts are no longer a novelty in this culture, so we don’t need to see every painstaking jab, slide, duck, kick or parry in order to figure out that this group of guys really doesn’t care much for the Wolverine; it had become painfully apparent some 4 scenes earlier when one of the men in thee ‘energy’ camp first shot a poison arrow at our hero.

There’s a place for formulae, and there’s a place for innovation, Wolverine needed innovation to keep the franchise moving forward, and unfortunately it came up lacking,


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