History Lesson

I spent an afternoon with friends at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, perusing the varied collections of ephemera of a computing nature.

We had intended to visit for two hours then retire to a local Mexican restaurant for vittles and cerveza. However, we poked about for over 3-1/2 hours and left with an interest in making a second visit.

Nostalgia played a part, as with this TRS-80 microcomputer. My father, a math teacher, had brought one home over Christmas break in 1977 as it was too valuable to leave in the classroom during the holiday hiatus, and I spent two weeks glued to the console.


Likewise, I was fascinated with this device – it brought back memories of watching reruns of the cheesy 1950’s tv show ‘Space Cadet’. It’s a SAGE weapons director console (dating from – yep! – the 1950’s), and the attached handheld is a light gun operators used to label the radar-identified aircraft.



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