Some people diagnose it as OCD…

I call it organized.

Ever interested in continuous improvement, I frequently explore news ideas about organizing. Last week it was mini chalkboards to label my tomato plants, and this week it’s list applications.

I use Trello as my personal Kanban board, and its support for multiple levels of sub tasks makes it useful for that purpose (cuz in my personal life I have the right to practice Kanban any way I want, and sometimes that means 3 levels).

For a basic shopping list, I simply use the iOS notepad because sometimes good enough is good enough.



However, neither of these apps satisfies my need for tracking personal goals and self-improvement activities. As a result, I am on a quest for an appropriate application. These must meet some minimum criteria, including low cost, simplicity, and features such as push notifications and calendar integration.

Category-specific apps abound, and I have a few including Runtastic’s Pedometer which allows me to track my daily walks, and 5k Runner to set up a training program. All good. A comprehensive, detailed all-in-one remains elusive, and perhaps it’s unrealistic to expect something which suits the complexity of my lifestyle and personal improvement goals – though hope, as it were, springs eternal.

The closest thus far is HabitRPG, simply because it gamifies achievements in a personally satisfying way. But perhaps the ultimate solution is to develop something of my own.


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