Tomato Progress Report

It’s about 6 weeks since potting my tomatoes, so I thought I’d share a picture.


From left to right –

The Red Brandywine wins the height category, and it is setting a modest number of fruits.

The Vintage Wine is still a dwarf, and hasn’t set a single fruit. It has had a disappointing 2 blossoms, and I’m not sanguine about its future.

The Boar is not tall, but it is healthy and has started to fruit.

The Stupice is my water hog and is loaded with fruits, some of which have already ripened.

By the way, the bed behind the pots was assembled by my husband, and filled with topsoil this morning before temps hit the 90s. Here I plan to plant up my strawberries and grow carrots. A second raised bed to the right will be filled with my blueberry plants and a few herbs I’ll rescue from another bed destined for obsolescence as we build a small addition to expand our kitchen.


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