Taipei – Les Suites Taipei Da an

This morning I tried to sleep in but to no avail – my body decided to adjust rapidly to the time zone and I was wide awake by 9 despite having arrived in the middle of the night.


The bed here is extremely comfortable – and that’s not needless hyperbole. My back and shoulders ached last night from carrying an overstuffed backpack and purse, combined with uncomfortable airplane seats. If my mind hadn’t been so awake my body would have insisted on lingering in bed this morning.

Hotel staff are excellent. I arrived after midnight, and the staff welcomed me and rapidly had me settled into my room. This morning they brought me a cup if very good coffee as I sat in the lobby lounge perusing some maps, and handed me an umbrella when I headed out for a walk about the neighborhood. In the afternoon they called a cab for me, advised me as to the expected fare, broke a large bill for me, and handed me an umbrella. And this evening they located a noodle restaurant (the yummy Ding Wong, at 251 Da-an Road Section 1), handed me a map, and armed me with an umbrella.


I like this neighborhood. It’s filled with energy and smells, and a sweet mix of local dives and fancy bath shops. There’s an abundance of cafés and tea shops to make this a cozy urban setting.

As I’m winding down the day, I’m sitting in the hotel lounge enjoying some evening sweets while listening to a romantic musical soundtrack. It’s very relaxing.



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