And now, to work: Taipei

As this is a business trip, it was inevitable that I start my site visit.

The office I am visiting is on an upper floor of the Taipei 101 Tower, currently the second-tallest building in the world and a most impressive combination of the traditional and the modern.


The modern is superficially evident in the materials: steel, concrete, glass. But the traditional is also represented in the form of iconic tiering, an obsessive eye for the blending of form and function (warming my Celtic heart) and symbology (iter).

It was the tallest building in the world when opened in 2004 but lost the distinction to Dubai’s Burj Khalifai in 2010.

As someone who has visited the Eiffel Tower, the original World Trade Center, and the Empire State Building with a sibling who fears elevators, it was only natural for me to notice how smoothly that conveyance runs in Taipei 101. Transport is smooth, nearly silent, and quite speedy. I had occasion to use this facility several times – much to my amusement, I’ll confess.

Unfortunately the weather is quite damp and grey, preventing me from effectively capturing the view from the desk at which I am sitting during my work-visit. Perhaps the sky will clear enough in the next couple of days, as the lush green hills circling the city provide a lovely counterpoint to the heavy urban activity at their feet.


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